What is iPulser?

What is PEMF and iPulser?

Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) is a powerful therapy, with multiple, demonstrated health benefits. Its efficacy has been demonstrated in 1,000 clinical studies and over 7,000 research articles.

Normal, healthy cells have an active magnetic field that generates -70 to -110 millivolts of energy.  When that energy drops below -40 to -50 millivolts the person will become sick, and if it drops below -20 millivolts the cells will turn cancerous.

One of the primary therapeutic benefits of PEMF is in lowering pain. It has demonstrated the ability to reduce inflammation and speed up the detoxification pathways. It “recharges the cells” and restores energy back into the system, thereby giving our bodies a better chance to heal. It has been shown to improve cell regeneration time by increasing cell voltage, increasing oxygen uptake of cells, strengthening the immune system and making white blood cells more active. PEMF has also been shown to increase blood circulation, reduce cholesterol and platelet stickiness, prevent blood clots and balance blood pressure.

The iPulser is an innovative, unique approach to PEMF. In contrast with most existing systems, iPulser is a very closely targeted PEMF device, focusing specific frequencies and wavelengths to resonate with specific cells and areas of the body most efficiently.  The iPulser device outputs a pulsed electromagnetic field of approximately 4 Gauss: considerably lower than most PEMF devices. As opposed to untargeted, high-intensity PEMF to the whole body in one isolated clinical treatment, iPulser applies specific PEMF energy to specific cells and conditions in more continuous treatment. It is a low-energy / accurately-targeted approach.

How is iPulser applied to my condition?

To initialize treatment, your clinician makes a specific physical assessment of your condition via the iPulser test. The clinician then creates an iPulser treatment program indicated by that assessment. The iPulser system relays that program remotely, to your mobile device, so that you can apply the treatments in your home or anywhere, over a period of days. The system can update the treatment program in real time, over the internet cloud, so that your device automatically relays the latest prescribed treatment.

Your clinician can explain the iPulser and how it may best benefit you.