iPulser Study

The iPulser Clinical Study

Why a study?

The iPulser has been in evaluation use for over 8 years, treating a variety of conditions, in a variety of device and software configurations. The developers of the technology have now integrated this experience into a single device/software system that is ready for mass use.

This clinical study will therefore evaluate the efficacy and ease of use of the iPulser system, focused on very specific clinical conditions, and under the direction and supervision of clinicians throughout the United States.

Who can be a subject?

Subjects or test patients will be selected by clinicians under specific criterie, but essentially any patient suffering from clinically-defined chronic pain, who does NOT have a pacemaker fitted and/or is NOT pregnant qualifies as a subject.

What happens?

The study is conducted by clinicians, with subjects self-administering treatments, as the system is intended:.

Want to learn more?

Clinicians in this study are qualified and trained by the iPulser study team. Consult with your chiropractor or pain therapist if you think you’d like to partake in this study. All clinical references need to be directed to

Dr. Terry Schroeder
Schroeder Center for Healthy Living
+1 (818) 889-5572